Big Heist Slots Reviewed

The Big Heist slots online game is an exhilarating game that allows you to have the thrill of cracking safes and enacting heists – all from the comfort of your own home (and legally)! It is a three-reel and single-pay line game with an unusual “safe dial bonus” feature.

You can play the game just for fun or for lucre. As a greenhorn, you might initially explore the game without betting your cash and only later graduate to the risky terrain of gambling your own hard earned cash.

The theme of the Big Heist slot machine is the timeless cat-and-mouse story of cops chasing robbers. This immensely enjoyable game employs the befitting symbols of Police Badges, Guns, Doughnuts, Pairs of Police Sunglasses, and Cups of Coffee. The game uses five different coin denominations and permits a maximum of three coins to be used at a time.

Seven winning combinations formed by various symbols may cause your fortunes to soar. The determining symbols include Sunglasses, Badge, Doughnut, Gun and Safe Dial.

The first two decisions that you need to make as you play the Big Heist Slots online pertain to the denomination of coins you must use, and the number of coins that you must place as wager.

The game has a cumulative jackpot worth 2,000 coins, for which the maximum bet allowed is $15. If you gather 50 clicks of safe counter, you are entitled to a random bonus prize. However, if you alter your denomination, you will forego the earned clicks, since that would tantamount to your switching machines.

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